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Painside Bundle includes:
Dark World Burden CD [European Edition]
T-shirt ou Babylook. [100% cotton]


T-shirt / Babylook

Please inform the model and size wanted [Men's or women's]
Sizes available: M, L


CD Dark World Burden [European Edition]
Inner Wound Recordings [Sweden]

Special guests:

Chris Bolthendal [Grave Digger] - Redeemers in Blood
Gus Monsanto [Gunpoint, ex-Adagio, Revolution Renascence] - The Edge
Renato Tribuzy - This Dark World / Backing Vocals Adicionais
Edu Fernandez - Solos

Track list:

Ignite the Fire
Where Darkness Rules
Collapse the Lies
The Deviant
This Dark World
Sand Messiah
Serpent's Tongue
The Edge
Redeemers in Blood

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